Sunday, March 22, 2009

cleaning up the clutter

When clients look at my work, there is one thing I am constantly told- "Your design style is so clean!" There is no doubt about it, people prefer simplicity. No matter what medium your project requires, you have the Clean Guarantee!

web design without worry

Building a website design can be tedious, but I like to make it fun. Your website is your single most powerful way to reach the world! Catalogs, mail campaigns, and advertising all have their place. Only a website can be instantly accessed with the click of a mouse.

From start to finish, I have you covered. I handle the web design, the implementation, and I will even work with your tech team to make sure my technology is compatible with theirs.

"refreshing right from the start..."

Working with Nathan was refreshing right from the start. I found Nathan to provide significant value beyond traditional website design. He was able to incorporate our content and messaging into a crisp, clear, easily understood and navigable website. His work is very reasonably priced, delivered on-time and he works hard to exceed expectations. Visit nathan at:


Since we stated in 2004, our goal is to provide you with quality products at great prices combined with outstanding service. We offer men's apparel including boxers, briefs, thongs, jockstraps, swimwear, loungewear, and activewear!

Our products are made from the very best quality and are imported from some the most popular manufacturers from around the world. We sell Joe Snyder, Unico, Male Power,Pulse and N2N Bodywear products. We are constantly adding new men's underwear product lines. is your men's underwear source!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Papi Underwear & Sportswear

Papi is expressive, athletic and body conscious, allowing him to express his sexuality freely and confidently.

Papi has style, sophistication and sex appeal, yet has his own identity.
Feel It…..

Papi is a premium lifestyle brand that targets today's young consumer where luxury is important in all aspects of his life. All Papi products are designed with a true comfort fit and soft luxurious fabrications.

Papi originated in the nineties in New York City and quickly headed straight to success. In 2004 Isaco International, a privately owned company in Florida bought Papi with the intention of creating a complete luxurious and premiere lifestyle brand.

Isaco International has been around since 1980 with one success story after another. Beginning with high end designer ties, Isaco soon made a name for itself in the industry, not only in Ties, but in Underwear, Hosiery, Sleepwear and Loungewear.

Today, Isaco International has expanded into branded distribution by obtaining licenses for globally recognized names including PERRY ELLIS, PERRY ELLIS PORTFOLIO, PERRY ELLIS AMERICA, ACCENTS BY ISACO as well as concentration on private label manufacturing for most major retailers nationwide.

With Isaco International's superior design and sourcing capabilities Papi will continue to grow into a premiere lifestyle brand and gain additional presence in retail markets. A global licensing program is also underway.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ergowear Underwear & Swimwear

Ergowear Collection
We do not care about having many different designs, only custom fit, men's underwear, men's swimwear, bikinis, thongs and intimate wear. What we have really works! All garments that are part of the Ergowear collection are the result of extensive scientific research, sophisticated textile engineering and ergonomically sound design for an excellent fit to the male body. We do not care about having many different designs, only custom fit, men's underwear, men's swimwear, bikinis, thongs and intimate wear. What we have really works!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Stiffies Underwear

Stiffies underwear

As the name implies, Stiffies underwear is a fitted boxer brief for blokes, with an internal side pockets (or "erection direction pockets") in which you place the penis.

This gives the wearer greater comfort especially when playing sport, and disguises potentially embarrassing erections by keeping it tucked into the side pocket when aroused.

Stiffies came to Andrew once day when he experienced immense discomfort during goodbye hug with an ex-girlfriend. He doesn't know whether the girl noticed but he was extremely embarrassed nonetheless.

Although he had been inventing since childhood it was the first time he had an idea for a clothing product: "It was one of those one-off moments," he says.

He developed the Stiffies concept and eventually found a manufacturer in China, who produced some 2500 units, which Andrew has been selling at markets and through his website.
How does it work?

His invention of underwear for blokes is designed to disguise a potentially embarrassing erection. Stiffies utilise a contoured pocket that is designed like "a push up bra for the penis", with left or right dressing options.

The wearer simply directs his penis to the contoured pocket on the left or right when he puts on the underwear. Thus, should an embarrassing erection materialise in the course of the day, the penis will be less noticeable, as it rises on the side rather than directly in front.

Andrew admits the underwear is not foolproof but works 60 to 70 per cent of the time.

The Stiffies underwear is made from standard underwear material - 92 per cent cotton and eight per cent spandex.
Further information

Interestingly enough, he's received some positive feedback from women who've admitted to the inventor that "bulgy male genitals is not a good look." He's also received encouraging responses from sportsmen who claim the pocket keeps them comfortable whilst at play.

Andrew acknowledges there are other concepts around for underwear designs with inner pockets, however the difference with Stiffies is the inner pocket, which are "erection direction pockets", primarily designed to hide embarrassing erections. However, he makes a point of understating the erection direction concept when selling his underwear at the markets, claiming that Aussie males are "scared by the whole thing and can't see the humour in it."

He only reveals the full concept once customers show interest in the point of difference between his and other underwear products on the market.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hiswear Underwear

Welcome to HisWear! Australia's latest men's underwear fashion label. Dare to be different!

Hiswear is Australia's latest men's underwear fashion label. They have a large range of fantastic G strings, briefs, jock straps, boxers, sexy see-through underwear, men's lingerie and more. HisWear's unique and exciting Australian designs are sure to put a smile on your face - from classic and sophisticated to adventurous and naughty!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ginch Gonch

Ginch Gonch is the hottest and youngest underwear company in the world. Born out of a vision to revitalize the underwear market Ginch Gonch designs are outrageously fun and sassy with a dab of sexual innuendo in every style.

With product lines for both men and women featuring underwear and tops, Ginch Gonch's luxury brand is pushing boundaries in an effort to instill their motto" Live Like a Kid " in every pair. Ginch Gonch has attracted the attention of buyers from all over the globe, from Paris to New York, London to South Africa and Australia to Iceland.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Play Underwear

Play by Day.... Play by Night.... We designed Play with you in mind.... It's fun, functional and incredibly comfortable! Play by day is an exciting cotton/spandex blended underwear designed to meet the need of the active Lifestyle. Play by night is Sensual & Sophisticated underwear made from Pima Cotton, one of the Softest and most Luxurious natural fibers know to man. These original iBoxers by Play come with a pocket designed specifically for your iPod listening pleasure (although you could use the pocket for any number of small electronics as well). Play iBoxer featuring the "i" pocket engineered to fit your mp3 player. I think this is a very fun and novel idea. Put on your play underwear and get out there and have some fun! "Pack & Play" easy fold feature. So grab your ipod and play! Shop for Play Underear Boxers at

By Sean Bickerton
August 10, 2005

It was a hot night at QUO NYC in July when Intimo Inc. launched PLAY -- a colorful new concept in men's and women's underwear. ModelLaunch was there to photograph the event.


The PLAY Underwear launch party featured a cast of go-go girls and boys flaunting the new bodywear while photographer Randee St. Nicholas photographed actress, singer and dancer Mayte Garcia and actor Keith Collins for PLAY's first campaign. As part of a cool new partnership with Apple Computers, PLAY customers will receive an iTunes card with every purchase redeemable for free music on iTunes.

Each of the brand's 3 lines offers a unique feature:

• The iBoxer (retail $20), is the world's first and only boxer specifically designed with a iPod or cellphone pocket.

• The seamless line (retail $18-26) is bright, colorful and incorporates special 'under-denim comfort zones'.

• The basic line features a specially engineered "U" pouch for men designed to comfortably "lift and present" and features a patent pending "easy-fold pouch" that makes folding and storing the new underwear a cinch.